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Five Online Tools To help You plan Your Next Family Reunion

A family reunion is something you just have to get right. As with any event, attention to details and being super organized really helps. When it comes to online tools there are some apps which are geared to specifically solving family reunion problems and at the same time there are apps which though not specifically geared to solving family reunion problems, they actually do a great job at it as well.


1 – Trello – organize anything on cards

Trello is one of the most versatile get it done apps to organize anything including family reunions. The app is organized by a system of boards and cards. So say you want to organize the decor for the reception of the reunion all you have to do is open a Board for this purpose. The cards would serve as sub tasks of this board. You can even dive deeper by setting to do lists within cards and invite other members of the family to contribute and collaborate. Trello also allows you to upload relevant documents so everyone is on the same page.

2 – Email – the original organizer

Whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft live or some other service, email is historically the most used resource for organizing anything online. If you do use email however remember to keep your conversations in a folder specific to the family reunion and back up all relevant files to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.


3 – – Get the family tree right

When you want to visualize several generations of your family for the family reunion there is no better tool than the app available at Beyond just making your family tree the app also makes suggestion for family members that you may not have discovered otherwise.

4 – – Great online invitations

If you want to add some extra flair to your family reunion , consider using to send professionally themed evites to your family members. These evites are themed and comes in hundreds of designs. It’s sure to bring a smile to its recipients face and give you a polished image at the same time.

5 Facebook Groups and Facebook Events

The thing about Facebook Groups is that you can dictate exactly who sees all the stuff you create and share. Combined with the Facebook Event App it can actually be the ideal app to get it all done. Now if most of your family doesn’t use Facebook this may put a damper on how effective this channel may be. However, with over a billion current users we doubt you would suffer this fate.

Do you use any apps to organize your family reunions? Drop us a line below.

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