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Great Tips to set your Fete Match Team Apart.

A fete match team is all about the coming together of persons for the common cause of fun through football. Though there is o Oxford Dictionary definition for A fete match team the above pretty much sums it up. Fun, however, needs discipline to make it all come together in the right way. In the article below we get some suggestions from some experienced fete match team managers in the form of a 10 point list that will make sure that your team (existing or not) will be at least on a basic level on the way to being an organized group of fun lovers.

There Must Be Structure

Who’s in charge? Who is to take what role? These issues should be hammered out from the outset or else chaos will rule. Manager of CIDI (Cold in D Ice) Mr. Shawn Pouchet explains that without structure the whole thing runs away from you very quickly. Things to keep in mind while you attempt to structure your fete match team are:

  • Democracy – the election of the officials must be democratic.
  • Competency – people should be elected to posts for which they are most competent.

There are common values among all members

Now no two people can agree perfectly to anything but when making a successful Fete Match team there must be some general consensus as to what the values of the group are. Some of the basic vales are:

  • Honesty in all actions.
  • Punctuality – because everyone’s time is precious.
  • Loyalty – because it’s a team after all.

Set The Weekly Play Schedule and Stick To It!

This is the crux of the thing. Once you set a schedule for weekly play days you’ve got to stick to it. Of course this involves setting the location of play the times of arrival and of course the bar to lime at after. The schedules should be set taking into account the majority of the group members’ lifestyles and the safety and playability of the field of choice.

Turn Up the Fun Factor

You’ve got to keep it fun. Remember fete match teams are made up mostly of working folks, so there must be a balance between rules and enjoyment.

Fun is a result of good vibes and not admitting to membership the wrong sort of people. So, be careful with your selection of your team members and always go for those who are a great fit with your ideology instead of just trying to make up numbers.

Family Day

Fete Match Teams are usually male oriented entities, however these men usually have families. These special loved ones deserve at least one special day to share with the “guys”.

Family days are a perfect platform to spend time both with great friends and the people who are closest to you at the same time.

Some pointers for a great family day:

  • Choose an appropriate venue very early.
  • Food and drink should be adequately provided for.
  • Have a well planned order of events and activities.
  • Events that involve participation by the entire family make for the most fun and excitement.
  • Music and playtime make for a great atmosphere.
  • Walk with both a camera and a video camera to preserve the memories and then post them to social media.

Foreign Tour

Whether it’s Grenada, Margarita or even North America an overseas tour is another feature of a superior fete match team. These tours are fun times guaranteed. They help to build team morale and team spirit. Overseas tours expose your team to different cultures , different perspectives and different ways to do things.

At the end of the day it always results in great memories and serves as a welcome break from the everyday routine.


Your fete match team is like a small brotherhood. You will have team and group norms and a team that shares the same values stay together in the long run. Like any great organization, symbols are a powerful way to identify and differentiate your team from others. A lot of thought therefore, should go into your team branding. Everything from team colours to the meaning of your logo should be part of a democratic process to getting your team’s look down pat.

Once agreed upon, you should only entrust your branding and look to a professional printing service provider which can deliver on spec, on time and at a price that you can live with.

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