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Jane works in the communication and events department in her organization. She is a stickler for punctuality, productivity and details. She thrives in a competitive environment because she knows that although her co-workers are quick to point out mistakes, she brings a lot to the table and is up to the challenge.

When Jane orders T Shirts and promotional items she wants guarantees on their quality and their delivery deadlines. Individual packaging and nationwide delivery are not merely desirable but necessary. When she says nationwide she means Tobago as well. At Screen Stars we understand Jane.

Screen Stars is known for its high commitment to quality and to understanding the needs of its customers. For our corporate clients we offer the following distinctive features and services:

  • Many colours to choose from – so you can bring almost any design to the table.
  • Rush orders Available – for those all too often times when time available is less than people available.
  • Design Templates – classy and trendy because you have got so much things to do.
  • Individual Packaging – great convenience and great for your professional image
  • Nationwide Delivery – one less worry on your mind
  • Order Tracking – for the micro manager in you.
  • Superior customer service – we are always helpful and cheery.

Corporate Client FAQs

What volume of orders can Screen Stars handle?

We can handle up to 5000 prints per day depending on the amount of colours used.

What's the maximum amount of colours that can be printed?

We can print up to eight colours per design on T-Sirts, Sleeveless or Polos

What is the turnaround on embroidered items?

3-10 working days depending on the size of the order, we do have a 24hr service available, please contact us for the special conditions which apply.

Do you deliver island wide?

Yes we will send your items where ever you want in Trinidad AND Tobago

How will my organization track the order?

Each order is controlled by a designated sales associate who will always have a status report on your order.

What is the turnaround on promotional items?

On stocked items allow 3-10 working days.

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