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Because Mas is serious business




The music truck, registration, marketing, drinks, food, the route… it’s a lot to say far less to do. Mas is a lot of fun, running a mas band, a lot of work. When it comes to material for his costumes “John doh play!”. Carnival is colour and he is not going to disappoint the spectators, his mas band members and of course, John himself.


Screen Stars is known for its high commitment to quality and to understanding the needs of its customers. Screen Stars has a great love affair with “the greatest show on earth” and we provide the following to mas band leaders, J’ouvert bands and steelbands:

  • Many different styles of print available
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Any color print
  • Rush orders Available
  • Design Templates available


Carnival Client FAQs

I am working within a budget, what can you do for me?

Our experienced sales team could help you maximize your budget.

What is your minimum order for T-Shirts?

Our minimum order quantity is 25 shirts.

What is the turnaround on embroidered items?

3-10 working days depending on the size of the order, we do have 24hr services available but special conditions apply.

Will you drop/ship my shirts to multiple locations?

Yes. We will send your shirts wherever you want. Just keep in mind that shipping them all together will save you some money

What if we have special packaging requirements?

Send us your breakdowns, i.e departments, we will package and label accordingly.
All artwork approvals will be done online.




Contact Our Sales Department – We love we Carnival